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IT Support

Hastingwood offers IT support to over a hundred tenants across our estaes, as well as providing IT services to off site companies and running a large 24/7 datacentre. Our support team has many years experience in hardware, software, applications, data retrieval, networking and VOIP.

The Support team can be contacted via email or phone, but we recommend that you create a Ticket on our support system :

Please click here to access the Hastingwood Support Ticketing System. You will then be able to update it if required and monitor its progress.

Email - support@hastwood.com

Phone - 0207 345 5243

Companies or individuals on a monthly or annual support contract enjoy a maximum of 4hours response time. We endeavor to answer all other support requests within 24 hours whenever possible.

Please click here for access to Hastingwood IT documentation such as user manuals and guides.

The Hastingwood Support Tool is a small program that allows our technicians to take control of your PC remotely, so that we can diagnose and fix most problems.

It requires the client to initiate the control, so that your PC's security is not compromised.

Show PC

Click here or the image above to download the Support Tool. You should save this to your desktop and then run. Depending on the version of Windows on your computer, you may need to confirm that you want to run the programme. Depending on your browser (IE or Firefox or whatever) you may need to Run it from the desktop or a downloads folder.


1. A remote support session needs two parties ready and willing to take part, Help Desk and Client (see Note C, below). Make contact by phone or e mail to arrange for a session to take place.

2. Each session needs to be initiated by the Client (even if you are acting at the request of the Help Desk engineer).

3. To do this, you have to run a small programme. If this is already installed on your computer, double click the HastNet Support icon on the Desktop . Otherwise, download the program from the link above.

4. If you are unable to download or run the program, you can launch a web based version of the support tool by clicking here. Java is required.

5. When you run the Client HastNet Support programme, you will see a Button labelled "Show My PC Now" - Click this and you will see a 4 digit password - tell the Help Desk engineer this password (or click on the Auto e mail button to send it to him by e mail - it's quicker to just tell him...

6. The Help Desk engineer will then take over your computer for the session.


a. All communications are encrypted and run via a private HastNet server.

b. You are in control at all times - you can end the connection at any time.

c. By entering into the Remote Support session you acknowledge that the Help Desk or Hastingwood has no liability for any data that may be lost or damage that may be caused or which may occur to your computer.

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