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Our Estate and Management Offices will always be pleased to provide help and information about our services. Some subjects are often raised, and to help basic understanding or to set out the Hastingwood position, we have developed a series of Notes under the general heading of Frequently Asked Questions.

These are in 3 main groups:

Please click on the filename to download the FAQ's.

Organising Computer Data and Back Ups

AccountsReconFAQ.doc AccountsReconFAQ.doc Credit control guidance for both the Debtor and the Creditor
AsbestosFAQ.doc AsbestosFAQ.doc A Guidance Note dealing with ACM's, the new legislation and Landlord and Tenant obligations
BackupStrategyFaq.doc BackupStrategyFaq.doc Backup notes for Personal Computers and small office networks
CompFAQ.doc CompFAQ.doc Notes on transferring data to a new computer
CompInstallFAQ.doc CompInstallFAQ.doc Guidance for transferring onto a replacement computer
DataOrgFaq.doc DataOrgFaq.doc A disaster recovery hope
DataTrafficFaq.doc DataTrafficFaq.doc Summary of data traffic types with cost comparisons
DBCadslFAQ.doc DBCadslFAQ.doc A Hastingwood note on ADSL vs. DBC Broadband
DBCtelFAQ.doc DBCtelFAQ.doc Time has moved on but useful for background.
DigCamFAQ.doc DigCamFAQ.doc
Some notes on using Digital Cameras with computers
EmailFAQ.doc EmailFAQ.doc Lots about e mails (and ISP's).
EmailProblemsFaq.doc EmailProblemsFAQ.doc Guidance on the most common email problems.
FAQindex.doc FAQindex.doc Just what it says


Basis for policing and enforcing "good usage" of our internect connectivity.

HIPoptionsFAQ.doc HIPoptionsFAQ.doc
Optional Extras and Building Works with Payment Methods at HIP
HIPutilitiesFAQ.doc HIPutilitiesFAQ.doc Water Gas Electricity and Telecom provision
ImageFilesFAQ.doc ImageFilesFAQ.doc A Guidance Note for those struggling with image file sizes, emailing and embedding

Things that Laptop Users should know but are seldom told

A note to help LAN users diagnose network problems
RatesFAQ.doc RatesFAQ.doc All (and more) you want to know about the Rating System
RexFaq.doc RexFaq.doc
Notes on using the Personal Organiser Truesync software.
SBRRatesFAQ.doc SBRRatesFAQ.doc Information on Small Business Rates Relief
TelCallChargeFAQ.doc TelCallChargeFAQ.doc ISDN, Fax Back, Premium Rates, Voice over IP information
telFAQ.doc TelFAQ.doc Phone Systems especially at DBC & PBC

Disclaimer. These FAQ's are intended to give a helpful outline of the subjects covered, but they should not be regarded as a complete guide. Hastingwood accepts no third party liabilities arising from errors or omissions or otherwise.
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