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Hastingwood is always happy to help where we can and has built up knowledge and expertise in many areas. We have FAQ’s on a variety of issues which cause problems – technical, legal and commercial.

Please click on the filename to download the FAQ's.

Disclaimer. These FAQ's are intended to give a helpful outline of the subjects covered, but they should not be regarded as a complete guide. Hastingwood accepts no third party liabilities arising from errors or omissions or otherwise.
AccountsReconFAQ.doc AccountsReconFAQ.doc Credit control guidance for both the Debtor and the Creditor
AsbestosFAQ.doc AsbestosFAQ.doc A Guidance Note dealing with ACM's, the new legislation and Landlord and Tenant obligations


Basis for policing and enforcing "good usage" of our internect connectivity.

RatesFAQ.doc RatesFAQ.doc All (and more) you want to know about the Rating System
SBRRatesFAQ.doc SBRRatesFAQ.doc Information on Small Business Rates Relief
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