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Services / Utilities

Electricity, Gas, Water, Toilets. Tenants make their own arrangements with Utility suppliers.

Electricity. All Units are wired with lighting and both single phase 240 Vac power sockets and some 3 phase switchgear (details vary), all located in trunking runs. All intakes are terminated in a Distribution Board with mcb protection. Hastingwood will design, supply and fit additional supply capacity, lighting or Unit wiring to Tenant requirements.

Water is provided for normal uses as part of the Service Charge system. Drainage services are available throughout the site.

Toilets Some Units have their own toilet and kitchen facilities whilst others rely upon common facilities. The Estate toilets are cleaned daily under the service charge system.

Gas is also available on site generally.

Heating. Many units enjoy gas fired space heating or gas fired central heating systems. (We can provide gas heaters - shown below).

Telecoms and Internet Connectivity

Our London Docklands Business Centre hosts its own Data Centre with very high speed internet connections, and we can therefore offer a complete range of hosting and internet based design services. Please refer to our Computing section in this web site or go to our dedicated computing web and data site, www.hastwood.net.

More and more companies need a web site. We are in the business, and yet it has taken us until recently to accept that if we wanted something that worked and yet was to budget, we would have to do it ourselves. If you would like to benefit from our experience, please let us know.

As an ISP, Hastingwood must enforce a Fair Usage policy. Please refer to our our FAQ section or click here to download our Fair Usage document.

Refuse Collection

This service is part of the Service Charge system. We operate a large Compactor to reduce the cost and inconvenience of site refuse disposal. This is backed up by skip hire for metal and cardboard waste. Refuse wheelie bins are distributed around the site and collected regularly by our staff.

In order to keep the costs down for everyone, tenants are not allowed to bring domestic or other ‘off site’ refuse into the Estate except by arrangement with the Management Office.

Rates Advisory Service

We provide a free Rates Advisory Service to all our tenants which includes Appeals, Bill Checking and assistance with applications for Small Business Rates Relief. This latter relief tends to be ignored for some reason – it is easy to obtain and valuable for small businesses.

Tenancy Agreements

We do all our own legal work using standard forms of Lease or Licence. These are fair, with no hidden extras or traps. A Tenancy Agreement is completed in your time scale - immediately if required. The service is free unless a tenant requests that solicitors are instructed.

Other Features

Asbestos Survey A detailed survey carried out in accordance with the new legislation has shown that there are no high risk ACM’s on site. As the Occupier of industrial or commercial premises, you are legally responsible for a number of Health & Safety requirements including having an Asbestos Survey and Risk Assessment carried out. You can pay for your own survey or you can use ours.

Amenity. Different Businesses require different levels of amenity within their premises. We employ our own team of building and maintenance staff and will be pleased to quote for alterations or additions such as additional offices, central heating systems, stores, or electrical work.

Roofs. We have worked our way around the whole site adding a second roof by over cladding the existing structure. All roof lights have been renewed and more natural lighting added as part of this process which was aimed at making all our units more environmentally efficient – cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and watertight the year round.

HTE Offices Hastingwood Trading Estate consists of mainly industrial premises, but we have 30 or so office suites which are either let on their own account or in conjunction with other premises. The offices are not fully serviced but they are furnished and heating, lighting and power are included in the rental. See here for further details.

Business to Business. Our policy is to promote trading between tenants, and where a substantial part of the turnover is generated locally, to restrict competitive lets. However, where tenants draw their clientele from off site, we encourage the formation of local ‘centres of excellence’ where tenants in a similar line of business can sometimes help each other with expertise, supplies or capacity.

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