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A great deal of thought has been given to how to make the Docklands Business Centre as secure as possible given that it provides 24/365 access to all of its tenants, and therefore their staff and customers. Some details of our arrangements, almost by definition, should not be published on a public web site but we hope that the brief description given here will show that we have taken the challenge seriously and implemented a series of both conventional and site specific security measures.

Docklands Business Centre has a CCTV system which is monitored both on site and over the internet. The cameras can be controlled locally and remotely, and are monitored 24/7 in real time by Hastingwood security staff based at the Hastingwood Trading Estate in Edmonton. Any suspicious activity is immediately reported to the police.

Conventional security measures include the use of London Bars on external and internal security doors and PIR triggered alarms and flood lights. Access to the secure car park is controlled by key switches on both entrance and exit. All internal lift and access lobbies are regarded as “secure areas” and the doors and building structure reinforced accordingly with unobtrusive but effective steel plates, mesh, and other measures. High quality security locks are used wherever required. Security patrols are made outside of office hours.

DBC has an excellent and deserved reputation with the local police and with the insurance companies.

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