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One of the disadvantages of working in North London is that parking is at an absolute premium. Most locations are further inconvenienced by narrow estate roads, often in a state of disrepair. The inevitable tenant disputes and increased costs caused by all this is like Rent and Rates it increases the real cost of occupation.

As with other Hastingwood projects, Triumph Trading Estate has been designed to avoid these difficulties. The estate roads are wide enough to permit traffic flow and convenient parking and unloading, and there are a number of additional parking areas set aside including a Lorry Park. The roads have recently been completely resurfaced.

Parking is a resource which normally has to be managed and controlled. In the past, formal parking controls were used at Triumph, but currently an informal system of common sense and mutual interest allows the tenant base to function without difficulty. However, if the need arises, we have a management system ready to apply.

Meanwhile, site traffic and parking are both monitored in real time by Security and other Staff using the CCTV system, and appropriate action taken to prevent or deal with problems as and when they occur.

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