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Although most of our sites are wholly owned, Hastingwood also undertakes Site Management for other Landlords. We look after Industrial, Commercial and Residential property and provide this service out of all three of our management office locations.

Here are the three main reasons why any Landlord may want to talk to us:

Management Expertise

We apply the experience of over 20 years to the varied judgements, tasks and problems associated with property management. Engineering, Computing, Legal, Building, Negotiations, Rating all are necessary areas of competence, but we place most reliance on hard work and common sense.


Hastingwood uses its own Estate Management System software which provides multi user access to a powerful suite of programmes. EMS is used to record and monitor all lettings, and is used to generate both rent and service charge invoicing. It is linked to standard accounting software. EMS also contains many management tools and interfaces with industry standard office applications.


We employ our own skilled maintenance staff in all three management locations, and equip them with all the tools for the job. This makes economic sense when the workload is big enough. It is not practicable when dealing with only small sites.

We are running a number of residential portfolios and are acting for a major plc as Managing Agent for industrial properties at the Royal London Estate in Tottenham. Our fees may be a little above average, but our service aims to be better. We manage space as if it were our own.

Industrial Locations
Edmonton Tottenham
Office Locations
Docklands Edmonton