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Hastingwood is primarily a Property Investment and Management Company with substantial interests in the Industrial and Commercial sectors. We undertake Development and Construction work on our own account. A focus of the Development arm has been the refurbishment and conversion of derelict factory space into multiple occupancy Trading Estates or Business Parks.

The majority of our sites are wholly owned, but in addition some properties are managed on behalf of third parties. In excess of 350,000 sf are under management or in development, with over 300 Tenants.

Hastingwood is a privately held UK Company. We employ our own Maintenance and Security staff and also operate an IT Division based in the Data Centre housed in the Hastingwood Docklands Business Centre. There are two Management Offices, both in London.

Hastingwood Securities Ltd has been in the Property business for over 20 years. Initially it served as a group holding company for a large number of operating companies, some of which had independently held minority interests. These companies traded in a variety of property based areas, including hotels, residential new build, timeshare, residential refurbishments, construction, and the industrial and commercial activities which form the basis of current operations. This extensive background in property has led to a breadth of operational experience and to some "user friendly" attitudes which are unusual in the sectors in which we operate.

Hastingwood currently focuses on two core businesses: Industrial Business Parks and Managed Business Centres. In both these businesses, Hastingwood tries to be different and we think we succeed. As the economy becomes ever more specialized and fragmented, dealing with utilities and service providers is increasingly difficult, expensive and frustrating. Therefore in addition to making our premises attractive and easy to rent, we try to make all those extras services, from the building trades to IT support, available if required.

We hope you will find our premises, of whatever sort, attractive and efficient and good value for money. We intend that you will find us easy to deal with, responsive, competent and fair. We plan to maintain a long term successful business based on attracting and keeping a large number of tenants pleased and content.

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