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Conventional security measures include the selective use of external and internal security doors and PIR triggered alarms and flood lights. The site boundaries are fenced and common part estate lighting maximises camera performance and assists tenants with their own arrangements. High quality security locks are used wherever required.

CCTV. Triumph Trading Estate has a CCTV system which can be monitored on site and over the internet. The cameras can be controlled remotely, and are monitored 24/7 in real time by Hastingwood security staff based at the Hastingwood Trading Estate in Edmonton, only two miles away. The system is published over the internet.

A feature of the CCTV system, which is computer based, is that all motion on the Estate which comes within the view of the cameras is automatically recorded onto a series of hard disc drives. A RAID configuration is used to maximise performance and also to provide a secure back up of all recorded data. The history held on disc extends back to over 8 weeks.

Extensions to the system can include dedicated tenant cameras and “hot spot” detection where mobile cameras are deployed in areas thought to be of particular interest.

CCTV Camera

CCTV Controls

Facilities exist on site for night and weekend manning. The Estate is well lit and individual premises alarmed.

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