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Park Business Centre derives considerable benefits from its location as part of Hastingwood Industrial Park, not least of which is its integration into a security system which could not be economically justified from PBC operations alone. For an overall account of HIP Security click here. The following aspects are of particular relevance to the Business Centre.

All Security arrangements are a compromise with the competing considerations of Cost and Convenience. Tenants and their staff become irritated by intrusive Security and measures which are not well planned are often ignored or frustrated. We provide 24/365 access to all of our tenants, and therefore their staff and customers, and this adds to the challenge of implementing a system that not only works but which is neither intrusive or oppressive on a day to day basis.

Within this context, a great deal of thought has been given to how to make the Park Business Centre as secure as possible. Some details of our arrangements, almost by definition, should not be published on a public web site but we hope that the brief description given here will show that we have taken the challenge seriously and implemented a series of both conventional and site specific security measures.

CCTV. The Park Business Centre is monitored as part of the Hastingwood Industrial Park CCTV system. This is a Hastingwood designed and installed computerised system which is monitored 24/7 in real time by Hastingwood security staff based on site, Management and also over the internet. There are 32 cameras in total, some of which are dedicated to the PBC. Any suspicious activity is immediately reported to the police. The system is of outstanding quality and functionality. A feature of the CCTV system is that all motion in the PBC buildings or their surroundings which comes within the view of the cameras is automatically recorded onto a series of hard disc drives. The history held on disc extends back to over 8 weeks.

Conventional security measures. High quality security locks are used wherever required. Access is limited and controlled out of normal office hours. Offices can be fitted (to Tenant Demand) with a variety of “security hardening” additions including London Bars, unobtrusive but effective steel door reinforcements, and PIR or other personnel alarms.

Security patrols are made outside of office hours, and management controls include control point and telephone logs.

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