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Parking / Access

Park Business Centre is part of the Hastingwood Industrial Park and although it has its own reserved parking areas, it also benefits from use of HIP facilities. The majority of the Park Business Centre offices and the Reception areas have road frontage with some off street parking.

HIP has generous estate roads and a number of parking areas set aside. There are 4 large Car Parks in addition to the distributed parking spaces provided around the Estate. There is provision for over 600 cars, and plans exist to add another deck to some of the reserved car parking areas when demand dictates.

Parking is a resource which normally has to be managed and controlled. However, at present the more than adequate number of spaces combined with common sense and informal management has allowed the whole Estate including the Park Business Centre to function without difficulty. Hastingwood owns other Estates where considerable operating experience has been obtained as to what management schemes work well and fairly when and if one is needed at HIP.

Site Traffic and Parking are both monitored by Security and other Staff using the CCTV system, and appropriate action taken to prevent or deal with problems as and when they occur.

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