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HIP uses a 1000 port Avaya INDeX Switch, providing Voice, Fax, Modem and ISDN facilities.

A good, efficient telephone system is perhaps the single most important requirement in most businesses. The HIP system is based on the industry leading Avaya Index switch. All system programming is carried out by our own staff. We have multiple carrier routing with 2 independent fibre connections, and comprehensive internal call logging. Both fully featured digital Index handsets and standard analogue telephones are supported, and fax, modem or ISDN lines can also be provided.

All Factory and Warehouse units are prewired with Phone and Fax/Modem points. These can be patched into our Index switch giving immediate Telecoms access without contracts or delays.

Tenants have their own numbers, competitive line hire and call charge rates, access to a variety of services including voice mail, and are part of a system that can be instantly tailored to suit changing requirements. There is no need to either buy or maintain your own system.

Electricity, Gas, Water

Electricity. Supplied by us, metered by us, maintained by us, paid for by you. All Units are wired with lighting and single phase 240 Vac power sockets, in trunking runs. There are 3 Phase supplies brought into all but the smallest units, terminated in a Distribution Board with mcb protection. HIP will design, supply and fit additional supply capacity or Unit wiring to Tenant requirements. We have some spare phase corrected capacity on site which will be of interest to tenants with unbalanced loads such as large welding machines.

Water is provided for normal uses as part of the Service Charge system. Large Users will be separately metered and billed accordingly by HIP. Water and drainage facilities are available throughout the site, but outlets are added to Units to Tenant demand.

Gas is also available on site generally but a supply point will only be made available (with an HIP meter for billing purposes) when requested. Supplies are individually metered by the Landlord (subject to Tenant inspection when required) and billed monthly at competitive rates.

Internet Connectivity

In addition to local internet access at HIP, our London Docklands Business Centre hosts its own Data Centre with very high speed internet connections, and we can therefore offer a complete range of hosting and internet based design services. Please refer to our Computing section in this web site or go to our dedicated computing web and data site www.hastwood.net.

As an ISP, Hastingwood must enforce a Fair Usage policy. Please refer to our our FAQ section or click here to download our Fair Usage document.

Refuse Collection

HIP operates a large Compactor to reduce the cost and inconvenience of site refuse disposal. This is backed up by skip hire for metal and cardboard waste. Refuse wheelie bins are distributed around the site and collected regularly by our staff.

This service is part of the Service Charge system. In order to keep the costs down for everyone, tenants are not allowed to bring domestic or other ‘off site’ refuse into the Estate except by arrangement with the Management Office.

Rates Advisory Service

We provide a free Rates Advisory Service to all our tenants which includes Appeals, Bill Checking and assistance with applications for Small Business Rates Relief.

Tenancy Agreements

We do all our own legal work using standard forms of Lease or Licence. These are fair, with no hidden extras or traps. A Tenancy Agreement is completed in your time scale - immediately if required. The service is free unless a tenant requests that solicitors are instructed.

Office Support

Conference Room and Meeting Room facilities are available for hire, each with internet connected PC’s and optional projectors. We can also provide computers for day hire. Catering is available, either from the café on site or by arrangement with local restaurants. Phone hire and video conferencing can be added to any conference or training event. We can also provide secretarial or PA help for the day.

Construction work

On Site Cafe

Common Toilet

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