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Hastingwood Industrial Park is blessed with an easily protected site, having only 2 road entrances and naturally secure boundaries. Both entrances are fitted with entrance barriers and manned by security staff. We provide 24/365 access to all of our tenants, and therefore their staff and customers, but within the practical constraints imposed by this we have tried to make the entire site as secure as possible, and are pleased that HIP has achieved an excellent and deserved reputation with our tenants, the local police and with the insurance companies.

It is a truism that no site can ever be made perfectly secure. However, what can be done with hard work and investment is to make it as secure as possible, given whatever constraints apply, and to deter “casual crime” by making it easier or better for intending burglars to go elsewhere. Of equal importance is to deter or detect “targeted crime” where individual tenants are the victims of disgruntled staff or people with insider knowledge.

CCTV. Hastingwood Industrial Park has a Hastingwood designed and installed computerised CCTV system which is monitored 24/7 in real time by Hastingwood security staff based on site and over the internet. There are 32 cameras, both fixed and adjustable – the latter can be controlled locally (in multiple locations) and remotely over the internet. Any suspicious activity is immediately reported to the police. The system is of outstanding quality and functionality.

A feature of the CCTV system is that all motion in the HIP buildings or their surroundings which comes within the view of the cameras is automatically recorded onto a series of hard disc drives. A RAID configuration is used to maximise performance and also to provide a secure back up of all recorded data. The history held on disc extends back to over 8 weeks. Extensions to the system can include dedicated tenant cameras and “hot spot” detection where mobile cameras are deployed in areas thought to be of particular interest.

Conventional security measures include the selective use of external and internal security doors and PIR triggered alarms and flood lights. The site boundaries are fenced and common part estate lighting maximises both camera and security staff performance. Barriers are normally closed at night and opened on demand and records maintained of both vehicle and visitor movements. High quality security locks are used wherever required. Security patrols are made outside of office hours, and management controls include control point and telephone logs.


Management and Staff are as motivated as our specialist security staff – any potential theft, damage or vandalism annoys us as much as it would any tenant, and all of our people on site contribute valuable job knowledge and awareness of tenant needs and routines to help prevent most problems before they occur.

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