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Other Features

Fire Alarm System

HIP is fitted with a Multi Zone Fire Alarm with automatic detection.

Asbestos Survey

A detailed survey carried out in accordance with the new legislation has shown that there are no high risk ACM’s on site. As the Occupier of industrial or commercial premises, you are legally responsible for a number of Health & Safety requirements including having an Asbestos Survey and Risk Assessment carried out. We can do this for you.

Office Space

Some Units are provided with internal offices – others added to tenant demand.


We are gradually working our way around the whole site adding a second roof by over cladding the existing structure. All roof lights are being renewed and more natural lighting added as part of this process which is aimed at making all our units more environmentally efficient – cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and watertight the year round.

Kitchen and Toilet Facilities

Some Units have these built in – others may be added to tenant demand. The underlying services extend throughout the site.

Park Business Centre

PBC (part of HIP) provides fully serviced Offices with conference and secretarial services. Some HIP tenants also use a PBC office.

Business to Business

Our policy is to promote trading between tenants, and where a substantial part of the turnover is generated locally, to restrict competitive lets. However, where tenants draw their clientele from off site, we encourage the formation of local ‘centres of excellence’ where tenants in a similar line of business can sometimes help each other with expertise, supplies or capacity.

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